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About us

Who are we & why we do it

The way we work has changed, and so has the way we recruit. At Valued we remove the barriers that prevent people from working, we help organisations source talent in a more creative and transparent way, and we ensure the workplace is for everyone, whatever your lifestyle, whatever your story. Here’s ours.

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Our Family

Anna Ludeman

Anna Ludeman

Founder and Director at Valued

Anna has a confession: she used to be part of a big problem. A few years ago, she was a recruiter – and a pretty successful one at that – but she did nothing to make the recruitment process more inclusive. Then two life-defining moments happened.

The first was seeing her husband Dexter, then 27, navigate the debilitating inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s. He became seriously ill overnight, had a life-saving operation and needed a new way of working. The second (and third) was the arrival of their daughters Lily and Betsy, who shook up life as they knew it.

Suddenly there was a need for part-time hours, flexible shifts and a different way of working outside the full-time narrative – but those jobs were hard to find. Anna knew they weren’t the only ones. Something had to change.

Taking her 14 years’ experience with her – plus a fresh perspective – Valued was born and the recruitment revolution began.

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Dexter Ludeman

Dexter Ludeman

Founder and Director at Valued

When Dexter fell ill with Crohn’s, it stopped him in his tracks. Two life-saving operations later means Dexter now leads a healthy life, but flexibility in the workplace is essential for him to maintain a successful career, which is why he’s so passionate about Anna’s mission.

Dexter joined Valued, not only with a first-hand understanding of the needs of some of their candidates, but as a highly experienced client manager with a 17-year background in property management and sales.

A solutions focused problem solver and passionate relationship builder, Dexter loves nothing more than finding a candidate their dream job.

Working hard whilst enjoying their young family, this wife and husband truly practise what they preach, and are proud to do things a little differently.

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